Simple Home Cook Meal South Pacific Café and Boutique

On a fine lazy Sunday 8th September 2013, we were invited to a boutique cafe called South Pacific Café and Boutique located 23-1, Jalan Perdana 4, Taman Segar Perdana, Selangor, Cheras. This is really a new concept where you can shop for your favourite dress – only ladies apparel while you enjoy some simple home cook meal.
Food Photo
Food Photo
This café caters for special private events like kid’s birthday, seminars, get together and etc. They will cater to your unique theme events.
Food Photo
They even had a kid’s corner where you can bring along your children and they can be occupied with the activities around here thus giving the mother more time to eat, shop or just chilling with their friends.
Food Photo
Food Photo
For starters, we had the creamy mushroom soup; the soup was laden with lots of button mushroom in it. The accompaniment of the toasted garlic bread makes a perfect dip that goes well with the soup.
Food Photo
Next, we had the chicken salad. The chicken cubes were marinated well overnight before being cook and it permeates quite well into the chicken. It is tossed into the combination of fresh green vegetables and hard boiled eggs with thousand island dressing.
Simple Dish Curry Chicken and Green Curry
 At South Pacific, the main dishes are usually of a one dish set that you can order. It is no frill and hassle free and dish.
Food Photo
Food Photo
One of the dishes we had was the Chicken Curry Rice. It was served with stir fried vegetables of French beans, cucumber and carrot. Here, they served the orange kunyit rice. Frankly speaking, I would have preferred it to be served with White rice instead. The curry was quite rich and according to the owner Ms May, they do not use any santan for the curry. The chef uses fresh milk to cook this curry, which effectively took out the very lemak feeling of the curries which is not bad.
Food Photo
Food Photo
Next we tried the Green Curry Chicken, which is less spicy and milder version compare with the chicken curry. The taste of the green curry was not too overwhelming and tastes like the Thai green curry. This green curry was cook using a recipe which was passed to them by a Thai lady.
Date of Visit: 2013-09-08

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