Abalone Slice Taufoo Bak Kut Teh Yu Yi Jalan Kuching by Best Restaurant To Eat

Abalone Slice Taufoo
There are many claims of Home made taufoo dishes. Some are fried version while others are claypot. At Yu Yi, the Abalone Slice Taufoo they serve here is a braised version with abalone surimi, shitake mushroom and green vegetable with a thick gravy sauce.

The sauce blended very well with the home made taufoo which was fried making the outer layer of a crisp type. The inner layer was very smooth and silky while the outer layer is of a hard layer due to the frying of the taufoo.

Rating 3 of 5
Date of Visit: 09/18/2013
Spending: Approximate RM 24

Main Page – Bak Kut The Yu Yi. Please click below link

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