Savaro Bambu Savaro Rice Solaris Dutamas by Best Restaurant To Eat

Bambu Savaro Rice

The next rice dish we had was the Bambu Savaro Rice. As I tasted this dish, it reminds me of the Manuk Pansuh – Iban Bamboo Chicken with the rice serves in the Bamboo Stalk.

If the chef have cooked the chicken n the bamboo stalk it would have been perfect. Tasting the tender chicken cutlet which was cooked with ginger and mushroom, it also had the taste similar to those of the Chinese Ginger Chicken style.

The dish also comes with salted egg, pickled acar and sambal belacan. The gravy goes well with the white rice that was served. Best eaten in the Bamboo Stalk where the rice comes in.

Rating 3 of 5

Date of Visit: 2013-09-21
Spending: Approximately MYR 16 ()


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