Fancy Christmas Theme Cupcakes At Rolling Pin By Best Restaurant To Eat

I am no fan of cupcakes as I find most cupcakes that I have previously eaten to be extremely too sweet for me.

When a fellow blogger offered me the chance to review these cupcakes her friend made i.e. from Rolling Pin, I took the opportunity to test it out anyway as I was told that these cupcakes were a different in that, it was a Christmas theme cupcakes.

Fancy that, as you can see from the pictures, the beautifully decorated cupcakes was very pleasing to the eyes and it makes perfect gifts too and with the Christmas round the corner you could buy it as a dessert after the Christmas eve dinner too.
First to try out was the Santa Claus Cupcake. It looks so cute, that you wouldn’t want to eat it. The cake based was butter vanilla based. I find it was not overwhelming sweet but the cakes were a little hard, would have preferred it to be of soft and fluffy cakes. The topping was marzipan based and this is very sweet.
The next was a Christmas Tree theme cupcakes, with frozen green icing.
Followed by Snowman theme.
Followed by Snowflake theme.
Well, if you like cupcakes you can also ask them to custom made for your special occasion, it would be great and eye pleasing for your guest to enjoy it.
For more information on ordering you can
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