Puchong Puteri Shabu Shabu Steamboat at Plus One Shabu Shabu by Best Restaurant To Eat

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Sheer mention of steamboat drives my craving for this dish. Yours truly really enjoy a meal going by the cooler rainy weather in Kuala Lumpur these days. I had an invitation to review Plus One Shabu Shabu Restaurant located at Bandar Puteri Puchong which was opened just 3 months ago.

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We were told that this restaurant is the same owner as the one in One Utama thus the expectation of a good meal is imminent. The restaurant offers many variants of soup base i.e. you can literally have different soup based for different person. Unlike normal steamboat where you need to share one or 2 soups based, here it is based on individual pot. One person one pot. This is good, as it is more hygienic and secondly you can choose our own soup base. Kind of cute too, you control what you want to put in the pot, control the cooking temperature and etc. No more rushing to grab what is in the shared pot.
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To start off with, we choose to have the signature broth which is the Macau Pork Bone, the other option was the Papaya with White Fungus, Pepper Soup and also the Tom Yam broth. These broths are painstaking prepared on a daily basis and some broth needs at least 4 to 6 hours to be able to extract the full flavours of the soup ingredients.
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We ordered the seafood set and pork loin set. The seafood set comes with some prawns, slice fish, brown squid, crab stick and clams. All sets come with vegetables, white sotong surimi, fish-ball, Enoki mushroom, corn cob, fried bean curd skin and yee mee.
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The ingredients were very fresh; the owner is quite particular, when it comes to selection of choice ingredients for its customer. Coupled with the some house made sauce i.e. Tom Yam sauce, Sambal Belacan, Hong Kong Satay sauce, Fermented Beancurd Sauce, Hong Kong Chilli sauce, Sweet sauce and Hawaii sauce. We were recommended a combination of Hong Kong Chilli sauce mix with Bean curd sauce and with a dash of sesame oil and spring onion. Surprising it blended pretty well with the seafood. The sambal belacan sauce, was another sauce that is not too spicy and can go well with the noodle and vegetable.

We were also served with some side dishes as follows.

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Deep Fried Hong Kong Fish Skin – very crispy that you can eat as it is, but would be smoother if it was Shabu-Shabu.
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Secondly, is the 3 Season Home Made Meatball – Prawn ball, Pork with Mushroom and Fish with Parsley? These meat balls was prepared using the best quality of meat and you can taste it once you bite into it.
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Thirdly, we had the fresh slice of Garoupa fish meat. After dipping into the pot, the fish meat was very silky and tender.

Lastly, is The Little Black Pearl – which is actually the century eggs flown in all the way from Hong Kong. The century serves here has the gooey creamy yolk. Served with preserved ginger which is also imported from Hong Kong. It has a strong after taste which is important benchmark of a good century egg.

Editor Best Restaurant To Eat
Date of Visit : 08-01-2014

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