Mothers Day Rose Palette Special Desserts Creation From NOSH Cafe Bangsar Kuala Lumpur Review By Best Restaurant


Mothers day is celebrated around the world. This is the day where you as a filial children would want to give a special treat to the woman of your life.

For all Mums; who loves desserts, Best Restaurant To Eat did a special Mother Day preview at NOSH Cafe Bangsar located at 50, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur of this Special Rose Theme dessert creation.

You start this Rose Inspired palette dessert with the Rose Jelly; which uses the organic rose petals together with rose tea jelly and basil seed sauce.

Next you move on to taste the Rose Berry Pavlova; which is a light crust Sweet Meringue that melts in the mouth with the silky soft Rose mousse & sourish tart berries was

a perfect match with a cup of Cappuccino.

Followed by the Valrhona & Rose Chiffon Cake which has a light texture chocolate chiffon cake topped with a beautifully style salted rose butter cream.

And to end with an amazing sweet note, is the Rose Truffles which has a Rose infused flavour while the white chocolate which was coated with almond ginger & sea salt will entice your tastebud with a tinge of saltiness to balance off the sweetness of the white chocolate.

For mummies that loves desserts, this special Rose Inspired Mother Day Special Dessert would be a very good way to shower your love to your mother.

Happy Mothers Day


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