Olle Cafe Desa Sri Hartamas – A Korean Inspired Cafe Review by Best Restaurant

Most cafe that are setup in Klang Valley are usually owned by Malaysian, but Olle Cafe is actually a Korean owned cafe. Best Restaurant To Eat was invited to review Olle Cafe which located at 26-G, JALAN 24/70A, DESA SRI HARTAMAS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; special food and coffee offering.

As with most cafe, the Olle Cafe Sri Hartamas is a simple cafe setup with a minimal setting that focus on a convenient and self service offering.

One of the unique features about Olle Cafe Sri Hartamas is that; it roasts its own coffee beans right in the outlet, This is as fresh as you can get for coffee enthusiast.

With a Korean root, the first dish we had is one of the Korean favourite food which is the Bulgogi Rice, the beef meat are pre marinated and then cooked with a special Korean sauce which has a tinge of sweetness. The side of Fried Kim Chi makes this a truly Korean affair.

This is then followed by a western pasta dish which is theVegetarian Pasta with fresh Italian herbs; it was a combination of eggplant, peas and Italian herbs served with parmigiano cheese and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

The creamy cheese sauce was of the right texture while the egg plants have a firm texture that gives it a crunch feel without being too hard. The Chef was able to bring out the natural flavour and taste of the vegetables.

Next, we had the Signature : Olle Grilled Chicken Sandwich – The centrepiece meat was a grilled chicken breast served with torched mozzarella cheese, fresh lettuce and Olle Chef special tomato spicy sauce with the Ciabatta bread.

I personally like the special spicy mayo sauce that came with the sandwich; while the grilled breast meat was grilled to the right smoky taste which still retain some of the chicken juice.

At Olle Cafe Sri Hartamas, they serves breakfast with a different twist i.e. you can select what are the items you want for your breakfast set for example, you can select the way you want your eggs done. You can choose from either 3, 5 or 7 item from the special menu, depending on how small or big you want your breakfast to be.

This is then followed by another pasta dish which is Spaghetti Meat ball Marinara.

Taste wise the meat ball was flavourful with the marinara sauce but it was a little off mark for me as I find it to be a tad too soft; as I personally preferred a slightly firm texture for my meatball.

To end our meal, we had the Affogato with a single shot of expresso.

At Olle cafe Sri Hartamas, while enjoying your cup of freshly roasted and freshly brewed coffee, you can also enjoy it with some special food offering to complete your meal.


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